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Get The Look For Less- Scream Queens Style

October 27, 2015
Listen up pledges-

As President of Kappa Kappa Tau, I must say that you are not our typical pledge class... you're in desperate need of a Chanel makeover. Don't fret- here's your guide to being a killer Chanel }:) (hehe get it?)

For all my fellow Scream Queens fans out there, I give you a Chanel Oberlin and Chanel Number 2 DIY costume that you could easily put together with things in your own closet! Check it out-

My best friend Kate and I had waaaay too much fun recreating Scream Queens looks with our own twist! For my look, I chose a pink dress from Forever 21 for $20.00, a fur jacket that I already had that's also from Forever 21, and heels I previously owned that I got from Call It Spring. For me, I only spent twenty dollars on my whole look! That's what I call a successful DIY.

When recreating a Chanel Oberlin look, your go-tos are pink, fur, and heels. She loves anything expensive, pastel, and furry. So definitely keep that in mind when going to your own closet for inspiration! As for hair and makeup, I chose to do her signature side bang and straight do, with a simple brown eye shadow color, and berry lip. De-Chanel-icious!

As for Kate, she recreated her look for Chanel number 2. Her dress was one that she already had from Windsor, a fur jacket from Forever 21, and white heels also from Windsor that she had lying in her closet. Kate's costume cost her $0.00- no way you could beat that! 

When duplicating the Chanel Number 2 look, Kate kept her makeup light, as well as her lip color. For her hairstyle, she did the classic Ariana Grande half up, half down, and I think she killed it! (Haha good one, right?)

Well that's all I have for you, I hope you enjoyed our DIY look, and it inspires you to get creative with your closet this Halloween! Happy Chanel-o-ween, idiots! 

P.S. check out Kate's Scream Queens video on her YouTube channel, and subscribe to her!

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