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Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas!

December 23, 2016
Admit it- you're a procrastinator. You save everything for the last minute, like working under pressure, and enjoy having a deadline. That's all well and good, but today is Christmas Eve Eve! If you still need some last minute gift ideas, I got you.

Gift idea #1: Kiss and Makeup

Any Kylie Lipkit is a good idea as a gift, if you're shopping for a makeup junkie like myself. It comes out to around $36, so it's just enough for people to not always want to buy it for themselves, which is where you come in!
Smashbox contour sticks are a great purchase, since everyone wants to contour, but never knows how- these sticks make it so much easier to learn. They tell you where to place each color, and are clearly labeled with what they do.
The last beauty piece I have is my new Marc Jacobs Highliner and it is AMAZING. I tried this bad boy on in Sephora and it didn't rub off of me until the next day when I scrubbed it with a makeup wipe. Sooo good.

Pictured above is Moon and Mary Jo K. Marc Jacobs Highliner in Sunset.

Gift idea #2: Portable Charger Keychain

 This adorable portable charger is sold at Marshalls and it is amazing. The puff ball keychain is so popular right now, so that makes this charger even better. This is perfect for a Secret Santa gift, too.

Gift idea #3: Sweater Weather

Everyone needs good sweaters for the winter, but never know where to look. Grab someone a comfy sweater from Hollister, American Eagle, Forever21, or Windsor; there's so many other places you can look, but these are my favorites.
Pictured above is my off-the-shoulder sweater from Hollister.

Gift idea #4: Bali Body Tanning Oil Set + BB Cream

This tanning oil pack is becoming more and more popular lately, taking over Facebook and Instagram. You can purchase this for someone to save until the summer, or to use all year round. Check out my review on these tanning oils on a post earlier on my blog!

I hope these gifts give you some ideas on what you can buy someone for Christmas, even if you are starting a little late- it's never too late to give someone a bomb gift! Happy shopping and happy holidays. :)

Holiday Lookbook: Dress to Sleigh

December 21, 2016
My first ever collab with my baddie blogger babe Madi was a complete success. For this shoot we focused on velvet pieces, incorporating them into our outfits in as many ways as we could. I had so much fun during this shoot; hopefully it gives you guys some inspiration for your Christmas and New Year's outfits!

Velvet skirt: Windsor
White turtleneck: Forever21
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

 Velvet jumpsuit: Zara
Shoes: Payless

Velvet shirt: Windsor
Ripped black jeans: Hollister
Booties: Topshop

Green dress: Windsor
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Velvet is a great staple piece to have in your wardrobe, so hopefully this post gives you guys a good idea on some ways you can style velvet. A huge thank you to Madi for collabing with me, and my great friend James for taking these awesome pictures!

Madi's social media:
Instagram: @madsrio

James' social media:
Instagram: @barkernotbaker

Check them out! Happy holidays babes.

Veeda Product Review

December 20, 2016
Veeda USA

Two weeks ago I found out about this amazing new company from my best friend Kate. It's called Veeda, and they are a feminine care product company that thrives on the creation of products that are 100% safe for your body. Often times we as women don't know the kinds of chemicals we are putting in our bodies, through tampon and pad use. Such personal products should be safe for your body, shouldn't they? Well it's Veeda's mission to make sure you get there.

They make pads, liners, and tampons that are made of pure, natural, and non- GMO cotton. They have no chemicals, synthetics, or harmful additives. They are also free of pesticides and dioxins- do these things sound like something you would want near your private area? I didn't think so... it's time to switch to a better company, one that cares about your health.

Veeda sent me two different types of pads, and one type of tampon. The pads are super absorbent, and the tampons have an easy applicator. To be honest, they are no different from any other feminine care product. So with that being said, why wouldn't you choose the product that is better for you? It's no different from Tampax or Kotex, except for the fact that it's healthier for you and your body.

They've won me over, as well as informed me of the different kinds of risks different products raise. Join me in switching over! Visit to shop all of their feminine care products, I promise you won't regret it.

Cauliflower Pizza is the New Black

Cauliflower pizza crust is a must have. I repeat. A MUST HAVE.

The other night Gianna and I had cauliflower pizza from a restaurant called Front Street Trattoria in Red Bank and it changed our lives. The one we ordered was Val's Favorite with a cauliflower pizza crust instead of the regular dough and it was a game changer. 

If you're looking for a new twist on a classic meal, try a cauliflower pizza crust substitute.

Bali Body Product Review

Bali Body has arrived, and it's everything it promises to be!

The Bali Body tanning oils are great to use in the sun or in a tanning bed. They smell good, aren't too heavy on the skin, and leave you with flawless results. The application is super easy and glides on, leaving a light layer on your skin. If you're looking for a sure fire way to keep your tan all year round, I definitely recommend these oils + BB cream.

The BB cream can be applied like any other foundation or lotion. It's hydrating and tinted, giving you moisture and color. It smells good and leaves skin looking bronzed and dewy, which I loved. If you're looking for a natural looking coverage, I highly suggest trying this product out.

I applied mine over a face primer, and set it with setting powder to keep it intact.

Visit for more info and product details! I promise you won't be disappointed with these products.

I Live My Life in Black and White

December 9, 2016

Took some black and white mood shots with the amazing Lauren over Thanksgiving break, hope you guys like them!

 Outfit details underneath the pictures.

Sweater: Hollister
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: Express

Black sweater dress: Forever21

T-shirt: Hollister
Jeans: American Eagle
Flannel (later pictures): Hollister

I am so excited to go on Winter break- it is so much easier for me to create content when I'm home. With that being said, be on the lookout for new things coming your way! I promise they'll be here soon.

 Click on my next post to see these outfits in color.

Fall Fave Pieces

October 16, 2016
Here's some of my current favorite pieces for Fall and where to get them. Skirts, turtle necks, and scarves, oh my.

Black turtle neck: $10 Aeropostale
Gray turtle neck: $34 PacSun
Green and tan skirt: $20 Hollister
Scarf: $12 Aeropostale
Tan shoes: $25 Primark
Socks: $12 Forever 21

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