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I Chopped My Hair!

January 31, 2016
This season, short hair is in; the tricky part is whether or not you are daring enough to cut it off. After seeing Khloe Kardashian's new do, as well as being told by my hairdresser Alexa (who works at Republic Hair Studio and is amazing) to cut it off, I was inspired to chop mine and go back to my natural blonde color.

We took off about six inches and I couldn't be any more happy about it! My hair feels incredibly healthy, and has already started to grow longer. It's easy to maintain and style, and isn't a headache to blow out with the blow dryer. If your hair seems to be pretty dead on the ends, or you're feeling like it's stopped growing altogether, maybe you're due for a cut! I recommend Alexa to you- Republic Hair Studio, check them out!

California Pizza Kitchen Fun

January 24, 2016
So the other night my friend took me to California Pizza Kitchen, which is a restaurant I've never been to. Shocking, I know. Apparently it's a crowd favorite that I've been missing out on.

Anyway, what everyone was saying was true: it was amazing.

Dan and I started off with an app and some salad. We went with the Cobb salad, and the avocado club egg rolls. Both were so good, but if I'm being honest, I was mostly excited about the pizza.

I ordered half Hawaiian and five cheese, and Dan ordered half spicy chipotle chicken, and half thai chicken. The Hawaiian was amazing, and is a pizza flavor I never imagined myself liking. I got a thumbs up from Dan, too!

If I had to rate the trip, I'd give it a 8/10! Check it out if you've never been, my fellow pizza lovers.

New Go-To Drink

January 23, 2016
If you're a green tea lover like me, this frozen baby is going to be your next obsession. At Nordstrom eBar the other day, I tried the Tropical Green Tea smoothie with coconut milk, and had it made with Matcha powder. I got it sweetened with agave just to cut out a few calories, and it was awesome. 

I was a serious iced green tea drinker from Starbucks, but now I'm a bigger fan of this one for sure. If you're looking for a new favorite drink that isn't too unhealthy for you, give this one a try!

Makeup Storage For Cheap

I am excited to announce that I have embarked on the awesome journey of making a makeup vanity station in my bedroom, with a light up mirror and everything! Although I haven't obtained the dresser and mirror just yet, I am super stoked to share my new makeup storage pieces that weren't expensive to get.

I got this piece from Marshalls for around $13, and it has just enough room for makeup essentials! (Do you spy any products from my beauty reviews? I do!)

I ordered this organizer from Amazon for around $25. It has 12 lipstick slots, four drawers, and three compartments on the left side. It stores a lot, so it was definitely worth the money!

This piece is a no-brainer when it comes to makeup top dressers. Although I plan to have a vanity mirror with lights, sometimes you need a smaller mirror to do closer applications, so that's why I bought this cosmetic mirror! I found it on Aliexpress for $13 dollars and it's great. One side is a normal mirror, and the other is a magnifying side.

I found this last piece on Aliexpress for $4. It has 24 lipstick slots... 24!! Since I have an insane amount of lipsticks, this storage piece is right up my alley. It allows me to put my current lipstick favorites on display, so that makes them a lot easier to find than digging through my makeup bag.

So there you have it! My three storage pieces come together to a grand total of about $42, which is amazing considering Cosmocube sells their storage pieces for over $100. Be on the lookout for the completed vanity, when the mirror and dresser situation gets figured out!

Rogue, NYC

January 15, 2016

The city has thousands of amazing restaurants, so it's hard to choose a couple that make your top favorites list. One of my favorites is called Rogue, located at 757 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY. My favorite dish is pictured below- turkey burger with salad on the side! This quick and easy dish goes for $13, and it's the perfect choice if you're trying to eat a lower calorie dish, but one that still satisfies you. 

 Instead of fries on the side, the salad is a perfect replacement! Bread isn't too doughy, and the burger isn't over cooked, no matter how many times I get it. A+ dish from me!

Furless Cosmetics Brush Review

So my super talented best friend Kate, who is mentioned on here an insane amount, works with Furless Cosmetics, which is a company that manufactures makeup brushes and cosmetics. There's something special about them, though- they're vegan and cruelty free. On their website, they explain their company as, 
"Furless offers vegan & cruelty free cosmetics and makeup brushes. All our makeup brushes are fur-free, and are expertly hand-crafted using the finest of synthetic and eco friendly materials. Shop our unique range of professional makeup brush sets, travel sets, environmentally friendly bamboo brushes, and vegan makeup - no animal testing, naturally." -
As you can see, this company takes pride in being different from their competitor cosmetic companies, and cares about bringing awareness to the dangers of animal testing. Personally, I'm a fan of their products, and you should be too after learning more about them.

Here's a couple of shots of the brush collection I've got goin on:

Pictured above are two powder brushes, one contour brush, and a foundation brush. All four are soft and perfect brushes that get the job done beautifully. Much love!

Kate happens to be an affiliate, and makes commission off of the sale of these brushes- if you're looking to try them out (which I hope you are), use her link at

Thank you, Furless!

Welcome to Hot Heels!

January 12, 2016
Welcome to my first post in my original series "Hot Heels"!
I am so excited for this monthly high heel recommendation, where you can see my latest to-die-for heels, as brought to you by the feet of Kate and I!

So how it works is like this- since I am absolutely in love with high heels (even though I never really have anywhere to go in them) I decided to make a fun little series on my blog called Hot Heels! This is where I will be posting a picture (taken by the lovely Lauren Ashley) once a month of two pairs of heels that are my current favorite eye candies, and they will be on the feet of none other than Kate and myself. Cute right?!

So these first two pairs are my favorites right now- who doesn't love pompoms and crystals? To my jealous disappointment, both belong to Kate... hope you like sharing girl!

The pair I am wearing, which are on the left, can be found at for $44.90! A total steal for such a cute pair.

On the right, Kate is wearing an adorable crystal pair from Charlotte Russe. They originally sell for around $45, but Kate and I bought them with Charlotte's buy one get one for $10, so they were the $10 pair! Another steal for an amazing shoe.

Hope you guys enjoyed the first post in the series! I can't wait to see what I find for next month. I leave you with the words of the great Christian Louboutin, "High heels are pleasure with pain." 

Welcome! Blog Launch, 2016

January 10, 2016

I am so beyond excited to welcome you to my new and improved fashion and editorial blog that I am incredibly proud of. A lot of hard work and long nights went into the creation of this blog- trust me, it's harder than it looks. I just want to take this opportunity to thank a couple of people because without them, I probably would have pulled all of my hair out in the process.

Kevin, thank you for answering all of my dumb questions, dealing with my shit over FaceTime and text, and making sure you helped me to the best of your abilities. Without you, I definitely wouldn't have been able to launch in the time that I have, let alone make a functional drop down menu. You will always be my most fabulous friend. Thank you, I luuuv you, and I owe you a brunch session.

Kate, thanks for teaching me how to edit my social media pictures, styling me, listening to me babble on about how much I loved my soon-to-be new blog, figuring out my new URL name, making my logos, and just being overall super supportive of me. I know that I could do anything in the whole world and you will still tell me I did it better than anyone else could. You are always there for me, not only in a creative aspect, but as my best friend. Thank you neeshie! 

Lauren, thank you for taking these bomb pictures of me- the extent of my photography skills include mediocre selfies and mirror pictures. Thank you for taking random photos and editing them for me, but most importantly thank you for capturing this mug on film since I was in high school (and thank god we've come this far... yikes.) I couldn't have done this without you and your talent! My sincerest thanks.

My goals going forward include nothing but staying true to myself, and relaying things I hope for, create, and enjoy to anyone who chooses to read this blog. It's funny- even while I was struggling to figure this all out, I had a lot of fun doing it, and learned things about myself creatively that I didn't even know I felt. So without further ado, welcome to The Amanda Show, Amanda Backstage.

Lights. Camera. Action.

BTS Blogger Shoot!

Behind The Scenes video from my Blogger photoshoot with Lauren and Kate :) I had so much fun at this shoot and I can't thank these babes enough for all the help. Check out Kate's channel, as well as Lauren's website!

Blog Launch, 2016

To be the person in front of the camera instead of behind is a little tough, but always a lot of fun. I for one am not totally used to being in front of the camera, so this shoot was still kind of new to me. Something I did learn, though, was to have a photo taken of you is more than just you trying to look pretty. It's like saying, "Hey, I look great and I feel great and here's a picture showing you just how great I am." There's a certain confidence and admiration to being photographed, especially when you're in some cute clothes.

I scored these over-the-knee boots at Buffalo Exchange in NYC (which is where I found the black leather boots also featured in my blog launch photos). They were only $16. Can you believe it?! $16 bucks for the same shoes they sell at the mall for around $40. The sweater is from American Eagle, and it is perfect for the sweater dress look. Just long enough, but not too long. You could never really go wrong with an outfit like this one on a chilly day! 

Blog Launch, 2016

I am a huge fan of thrifting. I love a great find at a thrift or consignment shop- it gives me a sense of fashion accomplishment. I got these boots for $18 at Buffalo Exchange. I love that they're not too high above the knee, but not too low on the ankle either. The touches of leather in this outfit are the perfect edgy accents for walking the streets of any city, big or small. 

I think that out of the four outfits that I shot for the blog launch, this one is my favorite because of the layering look. I adore the way the tight leather skirt looks when paired with this looser-fitting sweater dress. The skirt under the dress also creates dimension, and compliments the leather boots really well.

I got this Aldo clutch from my aunt for Christmas, and it totally rocks my world. I love how it can function as a clutch or a purse, and looks cute whichever way you choose to wear it. Great gift, Aunt Danine!

Blog Launch, 2016

One thing I love about my style is the fact that I wear what I want, when I want. I by no means am a crazy eccentric dresser, creating outfits and setting trends as I go along. Just not me. Never was, never will be.
I just go by the rule of if I like it, I wear it. I'm kind of insane in the brain, so having a normal fashion sense is kind of necessary in order to balance myself out. 

I got this jacket on sale at Forever 21 for $26... score. 
I love the sporty look to it, and since dyeing my hair darker, I can now rock the tan color, whereas before it washed me out. The white crop top was from Charlotte Russe, and the jeans were ones I had lying around my room- I was glad they were put to good use to create this look. Of course this ensemble couldn't have been completed without my Adidas sneakers. *cue angelic choir* These bad boys are my go-to's, and I don't think I'll ever like another shoe as much as I like these.

My clutch is from Vera Bradley, and I absolutely love it! The cute envelope look to it is minimal, but eye-catching, and that's why I like it so much. 

All in all, a classic Amanda outfit.

Blog Launch, 2016

For this look, I really wanted to pick a statement piece that would stand out the most. In this case, I chose this adorable hounds-tooth jacket that I got for $8 at a store that was closing near my college. Then I added some red accents, but not too much. I added red to my outfit through my lips, bag, and heels. They are the perfect little red hints here and there! 

Once again, my purse is by Vera Bradley. This little cutie was from this year's leather line, and it is perfect for a night out. You wouldn't normally use this purse as a regular accessory since it is so small, so it's great for when you're only taking some things out with you for a couple of hours.

I love the feel of this outfit on the street. I think it fits in perfectly with the hustle and bustle of the city, and was perfect for this holiday season. Try this look for your next date night!

The Whisper Challenge

January 9, 2016
I love when I get to be on Kate's Youtube Channel, and this video was so much fun to film. If you're ever looking for something to do with a friend, this game is definitely a good one; the laughs don't stop!

Scream Queens Fun

January 8, 2016
TBT to filming this awesome Scream Queens video with Kate! Missing Halloween already :( Check out her channel, where you may just see me pop up occasionally. *wink wink*

Healthy Breakfast Option!

Good morning! Rise and shine.
Looking for a new healthy breakfast option, instead of the usual frozen pancake or cereal ordeal? I've got a good one!
Ta-da! Egg whites + spinach + avocado + whole grain toast = solution.

This recipe is a great pick me up to get your brain workin' and juices flowin' in the morning!
I scrambled one whole egg and only the whites of another two, added some spinach into the pan, and threw in a dash pepper while it was cooking. While I was waiting, I crushed up some avocado pieces and put it on a piece of whole grain toast, then sprinkled some pepper on that, as well. When the eggs were cooked, I left some low fat cheese to melt on top, and then put the eggs on top of the avo-toast.

It was sooo good, and the perfect way to start my morning. Minimal prep and cooking time, too!

Stila + Tarte Product Review

If you saw my last beauty post, I had recently purchased a new Tarte foundation that I am absolutely obsessed with, which made me want to check out more Tarte products. This lipstick is absolutely amazing. Hydrating, a beautiful nude color, and long lasting. If you need a new go-to color, I highly recommend Tarte lipstick in the color "Park Ave Princess."

The two Stila products pictured above are definitely worth the money. The single eye shadow is in the color "Kitten," and it is shimmery, but not over the top. Not too pigmented either, but the color shows up very well- it isn't too transparent, which is how a lot of eye shadows typically are.

The second Stila product is an amazing water based primer. This primer goes on so smooth and because it is water based instead of oil based, it really hydrates your skin and leaves it feeling smooth and ready for any makeup, no shine! I use this primer all over my face and eyelids, and it works just as well in both spots. Definitely worth the $29.

Check out these products if you need to expand your makeup bag (which we all do)!

Lunch With Jackie!

January 7, 2016
This week I got together with one of my good friends Jackie, and we decided to go to lunch to catch up. We picked Metropolitan Cafe in Downtown Freehold, and we were on the hunt for good salads. 

Metro had a lot of delicious-sounding options, but I went with the steak salad, and it was great. Jackie enjoyed her salad too, so we both recommend checking this place out if you haven't already. :)

Kate's Birthday Extravaganza

January 6, 2016
So, my best friend Kate's birthday was on the 5th, and we decided to have a day out in the city with a couple of friends (and I, of course, would never pass up some time in Manhattan). First we went to my dad's friend's place for an early birthday dinner and it was SO. GOOD. It's called Copper Kettle Kitchen, and it's on 1471 2nd Avenue, between 76th and 77th. I've been going to this spot for dinner here and there for about two years now, and my favorite dish is the eggplant meatballs- I strongly suggest going there just to try those bad boys. They're that good... 

We wined and dined, and when I asked the girls if it was a hit or miss, they all agreed to a hit. I was pleased with their reaction to my dinner location suggestion. 

After dinner, we went to Serendipity for dessert, and it was worth walking the 20 blocks. Serendipity is located at 225 E 60th, and it is famous for their frozen hot chocolate. We all weren't in the hot chocolate mood, so we kindly passed it up. I immediately regretted this decision after seeing the people next to us with a huge glass of it. Mental note: get that next time. 
Regardless, we all got sundaes and they were so amazing, I forgot all about the frozen beverage. 

Lauren and I got the vanilla frozen yogurt sundae, with raspberry sauce and fresh banana and strawberries. I usually can't finish anything with too much sugar, but it was so good that I powered through my full feeling. It was so worth it.

Kate, on the other hand, went with the opposite of my fruity dessert- The Forbidden Broadway Sundae. Just look at it... it means business. 
It had vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, chocolate cake, and amazing whipped cream on top. If it was my birthday, I probably would have went with that one too.

All in all, I'd definitely say it was a successful birthday, and I hope Kate thought so too. Try these great places next time you're in the city!

New Year, New Products!

January 1, 2016
Hey guys! Happy New Year, woo!!

I hope you all had a safe and fun night last night- I know I did! It feels like it was a whole year ago... (hehe, get it?)
Just wanted to share with you guys these awesome products that I used to help me get ready; I wouldn't have been New Year's ready without them!

My first product is a Tarte foundation that I actually just purchased the other day, since my old BB Cream foundation just wasn't cutting it any longer. Let me tell you this foundation is AWESOME! It doesn't feel too heavy on the face, and it didn't make me feel even the slightest bit oily. I applied it with my Maybelline Beauty Blender, and it went on very smooth and even. If you're looking for a new foundation, I recommend this combo.

My next product is my new Becca Highlighter that I got for Christmas. After I set my foundation and contour with powder, I used this highlighter on my cheekbones, brow bone, and on the bridge of my nose. It caused the light to hit all the right spots! Definitely check it out.

My next product is an eye shadow that I found in Walmart from Wet N' Wild. The sparkles were perfect for the occasion- it went on easily and held up pretty well throughout the night, which is exactly what you need from an eye shadow. 

My last two products were a Mario Badescu Rosewater facial spray, as well as a Softlips lip balm. These two were great finishing tools- the facial spray left my skin looking hydrated and dewy, and the softlips was perfect in keeping my lips hydrated. I highly recommend both!

Thanks for checking up on me, and I hope you get everything you want out of this New Year. Remember- the time is now! Seize the day, and don't let another year go by without reaching your goals.

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