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California Pizza Kitchen Fun

January 24, 2016
So the other night my friend took me to California Pizza Kitchen, which is a restaurant I've never been to. Shocking, I know. Apparently it's a crowd favorite that I've been missing out on.

Anyway, what everyone was saying was true: it was amazing.

Dan and I started off with an app and some salad. We went with the Cobb salad, and the avocado club egg rolls. Both were so good, but if I'm being honest, I was mostly excited about the pizza.

I ordered half Hawaiian and five cheese, and Dan ordered half spicy chipotle chicken, and half thai chicken. The Hawaiian was amazing, and is a pizza flavor I never imagined myself liking. I got a thumbs up from Dan, too!

If I had to rate the trip, I'd give it a 8/10! Check it out if you've never been, my fellow pizza lovers.

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