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Healthy Breakfast Option!

January 8, 2016
Good morning! Rise and shine.
Looking for a new healthy breakfast option, instead of the usual frozen pancake or cereal ordeal? I've got a good one!
Ta-da! Egg whites + spinach + avocado + whole grain toast = solution.

This recipe is a great pick me up to get your brain workin' and juices flowin' in the morning!
I scrambled one whole egg and only the whites of another two, added some spinach into the pan, and threw in a dash pepper while it was cooking. While I was waiting, I crushed up some avocado pieces and put it on a piece of whole grain toast, then sprinkled some pepper on that, as well. When the eggs were cooked, I left some low fat cheese to melt on top, and then put the eggs on top of the avo-toast.

It was sooo good, and the perfect way to start my morning. Minimal prep and cooking time, too!

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