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Welcome to Hot Heels!

January 12, 2016
Welcome to my first post in my original series "Hot Heels"!
I am so excited for this monthly high heel recommendation, where you can see my latest to-die-for heels, as brought to you by the feet of Kate and I!

So how it works is like this- since I am absolutely in love with high heels (even though I never really have anywhere to go in them) I decided to make a fun little series on my blog called Hot Heels! This is where I will be posting a picture (taken by the lovely Lauren Ashley) once a month of two pairs of heels that are my current favorite eye candies, and they will be on the feet of none other than Kate and myself. Cute right?!

So these first two pairs are my favorites right now- who doesn't love pompoms and crystals? To my jealous disappointment, both belong to Kate... hope you like sharing girl!

The pair I am wearing, which are on the left, can be found at for $44.90! A total steal for such a cute pair.

On the right, Kate is wearing an adorable crystal pair from Charlotte Russe. They originally sell for around $45, but Kate and I bought them with Charlotte's buy one get one for $10, so they were the $10 pair! Another steal for an amazing shoe.

Hope you guys enjoyed the first post in the series! I can't wait to see what I find for next month. I leave you with the words of the great Christian Louboutin, "High heels are pleasure with pain." 

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