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Makeup Storage For Cheap

January 23, 2016
I am excited to announce that I have embarked on the awesome journey of making a makeup vanity station in my bedroom, with a light up mirror and everything! Although I haven't obtained the dresser and mirror just yet, I am super stoked to share my new makeup storage pieces that weren't expensive to get.

I got this piece from Marshalls for around $13, and it has just enough room for makeup essentials! (Do you spy any products from my beauty reviews? I do!)

I ordered this organizer from Amazon for around $25. It has 12 lipstick slots, four drawers, and three compartments on the left side. It stores a lot, so it was definitely worth the money!

This piece is a no-brainer when it comes to makeup top dressers. Although I plan to have a vanity mirror with lights, sometimes you need a smaller mirror to do closer applications, so that's why I bought this cosmetic mirror! I found it on Aliexpress for $13 dollars and it's great. One side is a normal mirror, and the other is a magnifying side.

I found this last piece on Aliexpress for $4. It has 24 lipstick slots... 24!! Since I have an insane amount of lipsticks, this storage piece is right up my alley. It allows me to put my current lipstick favorites on display, so that makes them a lot easier to find than digging through my makeup bag.

So there you have it! My three storage pieces come together to a grand total of about $42, which is amazing considering Cosmocube sells their storage pieces for over $100. Be on the lookout for the completed vanity, when the mirror and dresser situation gets figured out!

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