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5 Napkin Burger, NYC

March 27, 2016
150 E 14th Street, NYC

This was where Gabby said we should go for lunch on St. Patrick's Day and it was awesome. It wasn't the cheapest place, but it wasn't super expensive either; regardless, it was worth every penny!

I got the Original 5 Napkin with cheesy tater tots and OMG I fell in love on sight. The burger was amazing but to be honest, I think I enjoyed the tots way more, that's how good they were. Staff was super nice and the place was very clean. Out of five stars, I'd give it a 4!

Gabby got a veggie burger with sweet potato fries and she seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did, we will be going back for sure. :)

It was definitely a successful NYC foodie trip, thanks for the recommendation Gab! Give this place a try next time you're in NYC!

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