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March Aerie Faves

March 7, 2016
Go green with Aerie!

Since I have been loving Aerie products these last couple of weeks, I thought I would do another product review! This weeks theme is going green.

In the last couple of years especially, juicing has become more and more popular. There's a book for sale at Aerie called Juice It! by Robin Asbell, which gives you tips on juicing, as well as recipes for different juices you can try! It's a great way to minimize bloating, and to get your daily dose of vegetables and fruits. 

I thought the Hells Yeah bottle was adorable to either put a juice in when you're on the go, or just a portable water bottle when you wanna reduce your use of plastic. It has a nice stainless steel feel to it, so it's easy to clean and will last a while!

The lip balm pictured above has a great moisturizing formula, as well as a pleasing smell. It doesn't feel too heavy on the lips, and it is great for a base before you wear a lipstick or lip gloss. The weather has been pretty hard on our skin, so make sure you're taking care of your lips.

The last product I included was a cool cucumber cooling mask! You put the cucumbers on your eyes when you have a headache or you just want to cool down, and they do a great job of helping you to relax and to reduce puffy, irritated eyes. Midterms can be tough, so make sure you are staying focused, relaxed, and keeping calm.

Thanks Aerie for all of your great products! More to come soon. :) 

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