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Detox Water + Meal

April 2, 2016
As previously mentioned, I was taking this week as my bounce-back week from being so sick this past month, and I'm feelin great! The gym today was refreshing (as always), and my meal afterwards made it that much better.

Today I had an amazing salad with black beans, corn, shredded chicken, quinoa, and sliced almonds with just a splash of oil and vinegar on top. Every day this week I've been having jam packed salads to really get nutrition in, and eating in between meals out- it's definitely helped a lot.

Unfortunately, the last three days of this week I was feeling a tad bit bloated, so I decided to whip up a quick detox water to cleanse my system!

My detox water includes sliced green apples, sliced  grapefruit, and sliced strawberries with cold water. I just cut up all of the fruits and throw it in a water bottle, then continuously add cold water as I run out.

Just another one of my days! If you're feeling bloated, give a detox water a try; add whatever fruit you want to some water and drink up.

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