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How To Score Calvins For Cheap

May 23, 2016
Everyone wants their own Calvin Klein underwear set, but not many want to spend the money- I know I don't. My first pair was $50 bucks... they're cute, but not that cute. I'm on a college student budget here.

Because of this, I was thrilled when I hit the underwear section of Marshalls last week. I scored a pair of Calvin Klein underwear for $9.99 and two racer-back sports bras for $19.99. YAAAS!

 Both bras matched with the white underwear, so that means I got two sets for $30.00 in total! That's usually the price of only one sports bra...

If you're looking for a Calvin pair, check Marshalls out! Why break the bank when you can get it for cheaper?

Spring Photoshoot 2016

May 22, 2016
Since the end of the semester, I've been really trying to focus on myself, and my creative projects for the last couple of weeks. I know I have been saying this in a lot of my posts recently but once the weather gets warmer, I'm really going to try my best to take on as much as I can, so I'm definitely excited for that. Be on the lookout!

Now, onto my mini Spring photoshoot that I had with Kate last week. :)

It was such a beautiful day, so Kate and I decided we'd do a little shoot down in Ocean Grove. Not too many people were out walking around just yet, but there were just enough people to give it the homey-feel it always has. 

Kate styled a cute little braid on me after putting my hair extensions in, and I absolutely loved it! She made everything blend so well, and it was the perfect Spring hair-do.

Now onto outfits!
My first look was a cute off-the-shoulder baby blue shirt that I found at Zara for around $25! I paired it with my trusty Charlotte Russe jeans ($25), white Keds ($40), and my adorable pair of floral glasses from Forever 21 ($8). 

My next outfit was simple- I chose to wear my tie-up gray dress from Forever 21 that I included in one of my posts a couple of weeks ago (Forever 21 Haul- check out that post next!) I paired the dress with my Keds, as well.

Shoots like this make me even more excited when I think about all the plans I have for this Summer. Hope you guys enjoyed this mini photoshoot! Follow Kate on social media :) -
Twitter: @SophistiKaitedx
Instagram: kaitlynrosebeauty
Facebook: Sophistikaited Beauty
Youtube: Sophistikaited Beauty

Hot Heels Are Back!

May 16, 2016
Welcome back to my original series, "Hot Heels!"

I know it's been quite a while since my last Hot Heels post, but our feet are back and better than ever!
This month, Kate and I decided to go a little edgy with our heel recommendation. Spikes and studs? We're about it.

Kate's pair on the left are from Charlotte Russe, and go for around $35.00. I love how the front of this shoe looks- it makes me feel like these heels are half wedge, half heel! They would be perfect for a night out.

My heels on the right are from Arden B, and they are around $30.00 (because I got them on sale). These heels are no joke- the spikes and studs on these bad boys mean serious business. Wear these when you need to make a statement.

Thanks for checking in with us! Be on the lookout this week for some new photoshoot pictures. :)

Accessory Saturday!

May 14, 2016
Happy Saturday!

Today I thought I would do a little accessory post for you guys, while I am preparing for my upcoming plans for the blog! 

This bag is my current favorite- I've always loved the classic Chanel bags, but Lord knows I don't have the funds for one. I found this look alike bag in Forever 21 a little while ago for around $30.00! For a Chanel- looking bag, that's pretty cheap if you ask me!

Lipstick Queen has been my favorite lipstick brand for the last three years now. The two colors I have above are "Silver Screen" and "Velvet Rope."

They are both so rich in color, and really make a statement- I would strongly recommend these lip colors if you need something to make your lips pop! Each color sells at Ulta for $50.00.
Displaying IMG_1419.JPG
Those sunglasses are one of my higher-end type of shades. My aunt gave me this Gucci pair, and they have such a unique shape to them that I am absolutely in love with. Grab yourself a pair like these if you want to switch up your look for Summer.
Displaying IMG_1419.JPGMy watch is from Charming Charlie and sells for around $13.00, and the Cartier bracelet is a look-alike that I found on Aliexpress for $8.00. Look out Kylie- I about to start stacking them next.

That's all I have for now! Hope you enjoyed this quick little post, and expect something big to happen sometime next week. Thanks for keeping up with me. 
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Forever 21 Haul

May 9, 2016
Happy Monday!

So I've noticed that shirts/ dresses that have ties at the neckline have become super popular, and I thought it was cute, so I went out to buy one for myself! Forever 21 just got a new shipment of garments with this kind of style (well at least that's what one of the employees told me), so definitely check out a store near you if you're looking for one, too.

Disclaimer- don't mind the bad lighting... trying to create content from my small dorm is harder than you'd think. :(

The first piece that I bought was this tank top dress that could literally go with anything. I decided to keep it simple, and paired it with my combat boots (which I am in love with). This tank dress was so comfortable, and definitely something I could see myself wearing often.

The dress was $17.90, and the boots I got on sale for $30.00 at DSW! Steve Madden never looked so good.

The next style I chose was a long sleeve crop top for $12.90. Of course I bought it in my signature black and white stripes, with black tie at the neckline. I loved this piece because it's simple and can be dressed down with Adidas track pants, for example, or can be dressed up with high-waisted black jeans and some heels.

 It's important to have pieces like this in your wardrobe because then it's like getting two uses out of one top! A small way to get the most of your money, while looking cute at the same time.

Of course when I was on line waiting to pay, I couldn't help but get a re-usable shopping bag, as well as another makeup bag- because you could never have too many makeup bags, right?

The makeup bag was $4.90, and the re-usable shopping bag was $1.90. I left with my purchases in the bag, so I didn't waste a plastic one. Saving the world one shopping trip at a time, No Biggie. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Be on the lookout for new posts soon... I move out of school for the summer this Thursday, so they're coming sooner than you think!

Update + Mood Shots by Jason

May 5, 2016
So I know that it has been entirely too long since I last posted, but I can explain! There's been so much going on at school this past month, so I haven't been able to generate as much content as I would have liked BUT.... I officially move out for the summer this coming Thursday.
You know what that means! Back to business. :)

Speaking of business! This week I had the pleasure of shooting with Jason Puma, a photographer from Montclair. The mood of his shots were centered around a darker, rainy day, coffee shop kind of feel, so naturally I was all about that.

Although we wanted the shots to be more serious, I of course couldn't help but to laugh for some... whoops!

 We changed locations to different coffee shops and cafes in the town of Montclair, so we weren't limited to one place. I enjoyed seeing the different places in town near our school- now I know where to go next time I'm there! (You'll find a list of places at the end of this post.)

I loved the fact that Jason played with reflections and different lightings- it definitely made the shots come out even better, and gave them a unique feel.

Thanks Jason for letting me get in front of your camera! Hope you guys like these pictures as much as I do! Follow Jason on Instagram @jasonapuma :)

Stay tuned friends- there are big things planned for the blog for the summer, so get excited!

Little Daisy Bake Shop- 622 Valley Road 
Java Love- 244 Bellevue Avenue 
Creative Confections- 206 Bellevue Avenue 
Bluestone- 123 Watchung Avenue 
The Pie Store- 100 Watchung Avenue 
The Corner- 115 Grove Street 
Red Eye Cafe- 94 Walnut Street  
Montclair Bread Company- 113 Walnut Street 
Trend Coffee- 411 Bloomfield Avenue

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