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Accessory Saturday!

May 14, 2016
Happy Saturday!

Today I thought I would do a little accessory post for you guys, while I am preparing for my upcoming plans for the blog! 

This bag is my current favorite- I've always loved the classic Chanel bags, but Lord knows I don't have the funds for one. I found this look alike bag in Forever 21 a little while ago for around $30.00! For a Chanel- looking bag, that's pretty cheap if you ask me!

Lipstick Queen has been my favorite lipstick brand for the last three years now. The two colors I have above are "Silver Screen" and "Velvet Rope."

They are both so rich in color, and really make a statement- I would strongly recommend these lip colors if you need something to make your lips pop! Each color sells at Ulta for $50.00.
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Those sunglasses are one of my higher-end type of shades. My aunt gave me this Gucci pair, and they have such a unique shape to them that I am absolutely in love with. Grab yourself a pair like these if you want to switch up your look for Summer.
Displaying IMG_1419.JPGMy watch is from Charming Charlie and sells for around $13.00, and the Cartier bracelet is a look-alike that I found on Aliexpress for $8.00. Look out Kylie- I about to start stacking them next.

That's all I have for now! Hope you enjoyed this quick little post, and expect something big to happen sometime next week. Thanks for keeping up with me. 
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