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Forever 21 Haul

May 9, 2016
Happy Monday!

So I've noticed that shirts/ dresses that have ties at the neckline have become super popular, and I thought it was cute, so I went out to buy one for myself! Forever 21 just got a new shipment of garments with this kind of style (well at least that's what one of the employees told me), so definitely check out a store near you if you're looking for one, too.

Disclaimer- don't mind the bad lighting... trying to create content from my small dorm is harder than you'd think. :(

The first piece that I bought was this tank top dress that could literally go with anything. I decided to keep it simple, and paired it with my combat boots (which I am in love with). This tank dress was so comfortable, and definitely something I could see myself wearing often.

The dress was $17.90, and the boots I got on sale for $30.00 at DSW! Steve Madden never looked so good.

The next style I chose was a long sleeve crop top for $12.90. Of course I bought it in my signature black and white stripes, with black tie at the neckline. I loved this piece because it's simple and can be dressed down with Adidas track pants, for example, or can be dressed up with high-waisted black jeans and some heels.

 It's important to have pieces like this in your wardrobe because then it's like getting two uses out of one top! A small way to get the most of your money, while looking cute at the same time.

Of course when I was on line waiting to pay, I couldn't help but get a re-usable shopping bag, as well as another makeup bag- because you could never have too many makeup bags, right?

The makeup bag was $4.90, and the re-usable shopping bag was $1.90. I left with my purchases in the bag, so I didn't waste a plastic one. Saving the world one shopping trip at a time, No Biggie. :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Be on the lookout for new posts soon... I move out of school for the summer this Thursday, so they're coming sooner than you think!

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