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How To Score Calvins For Cheap

May 23, 2016
Everyone wants their own Calvin Klein underwear set, but not many want to spend the money- I know I don't. My first pair was $50 bucks... they're cute, but not that cute. I'm on a college student budget here.

Because of this, I was thrilled when I hit the underwear section of Marshalls last week. I scored a pair of Calvin Klein underwear for $9.99 and two racer-back sports bras for $19.99. YAAAS!

 Both bras matched with the white underwear, so that means I got two sets for $30.00 in total! That's usually the price of only one sports bra...

If you're looking for a Calvin pair, check Marshalls out! Why break the bank when you can get it for cheaper?

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