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Mini Summer Photoshoot Ft. Kate

July 31, 2016
Happy August 1st! 

While we're all desperately holding onto what's left of our summer and smiling through the pain (like I am in that picture), enjoy this mini photoshoot of Kate and I! We had so much fun choosing and styling these outfits for you guys- we were really channeling our inner Carrie Bradshaw!

On me:
Top: Bebe $40
Pants: American Eagle $15
Shoes: Thrift store $8
Bag: Vera Bradley $100+
Choker: Majesty Island $17.99

On Kate: 
Top: Forever 21 $8.90
Shorts: Forever 21 $15
Shoes: Aldo $60
Bag: Guess $50+
Choker: Majesty Island $14.99 (coming out soon!!)

On me:
Top: Forever 21 $9.90
Skirt: Windsor $15
Choker: Majesty Island $17.99

On Kate:
Bodysuit: Forever 21 $9.90
Pants: Windsor $36
Choker: Majesty Island $14.99

And there you have it... four adorable summer outfit options. Hope you guys have been enjoying this relaxing summer time in style! 

Make sure you check out Majesty Island on Etsy! Their chokers are all amazing- follow them on Instagram @MajestyIsland !

Summer 2016 Wishlist

July 11, 2016
As I am sitting here in my room for the fifth day in a row, patiently waiting for my throat to heal after my tonsillectomy, I am thinking about all of the things I'd rather be doing- like go shopping. God, I miss you retail therapy.

Anyway, I thought maybe I'd make a wishlist for the things that I'm going to buy the second I'm healed! (Most likely not, but a girl can dream.)

Item #1- "The Giving Keys" best friend necklace

Ever since my obsession with The Vampire Diaries began this year, I've been keeping up with Nina Dobrev's projects and this is the one she's currently working on. Nina and her best friend Julianne Hough have teamed up with The Giving Keys and created this best friend necklace style. It's $85, and by purchasing one pair, you are helping to sustain employment for homeless and low income individuals. Cute and a good cause- that's right up my alley.

Item #2- Mermaid blanket

Uggghhhhh this is so adorable!!! I mean really, who wouldn't want this? This blanket goes for around $35, depending on which website you find it on. You can also find DIY mermaid blanket tutorials online, but we all know I'm incapable of making something this fantastic. I NEED IT!

Item #3- Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

I've been seeing excerpts of this book all over Twitter and Instagram, and every time I read it I'm like Goddamn. Right in the feels. I figured since it's so popular and many people enjoy it, I'd enjoy it too. It goes for around $9, so that's definitely in the budget.

 Item #4- Adidas Ultra Boost

So lately I've been on a sneaker craze and I just got my Ruby Red Nike Huaraches (that I've been wanting for over a year now) thinking that would cure my want for new sneaks but it didn't. *tear*
This shoe goes for around $180, which sucks, but I've tried them on and they are super comfortable and really sleek and nice so that makes them worth it in my book. I'll probably buy them soon enough.

Item #5- Anastasia Glow Kit

This goes for $40 at Sephora and I've been seeing a good amount of people trying it out. Since I've been trying my best to get better at contouring and highlighting, I think I might actually buy this product- it seems to be legit!

I decided to keep my wishlist to five items only, since I want so many things... it's a sickness. Don't look at me.

Hope you enjoyed! Let's see how many of these items I actually purchase LOL. Have a good Monday!

Four Ways To Have The Perfect 4th Of July

July 3, 2016
Happy Fourth of July!

We all know what it's like when the hype of a holiday is better than the actual holiday. With these four tips, this year your 4th will be as lit as the fireworks! (Sorry, I had to.)

Tip #1: Step Up Your Outfit Game

Accessories are a must for the 4th. Anything red, white and blue will do, and the best part is you really can't overdo it. Try your local dollar store for any cute outfit add-ons!

Outfit on the left:
Crop top: Aeropostale $6
Shorts: Forever21 $26

Outfit on the right:
Crop top: Aeropostale $6
Shorts: Hollister $34.95

Outfit on the left:
Overalls: Squan Dry Goods $8
Crop top: Aeropostale $6

Outfit on the right:
Crop top: Windsor $19.80
Jacket: Buffalo Exchange $80
Shorts: Charlotte Russe $15

Tip #2: Drinks On Us!

Why limit the festivities to only your outfit? The party continues with what's in your cup.

Start off with pouring cranberry juice in a glass that you can easily see through. Fill the glass up to where you want the red color to end, then add ice to the top. Next, add sprite for your white color. Last, pour some blue gatorade to top it off and viola! You've got yourself a festive drink for the day.

Tip #3: Stars, Stripes, and Snacks

Basically any red and blue candy will do.

One of my all time favorite Fourth of July snacks are red, white and blue chocolate covered strawberries! Start out with rinsed strawberries. Dip them in white chocolate, then dip the tip of the strawberry in blue colored sugar. Let em dry and you have some patriotic treats.

Tip #4: Location and Fireworks

Whether you head to the beach, the park, or a backyard barbecue, spending it with the people you love reminds you of everything that the day is about. Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy the show. God bless America, amirite?

P.S. check out my best friends' social media!
Instagram: @kaitlynrosebeauty
YouTube: Sophistikaitedbeauty

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