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Mini Summer Photoshoot Ft. Kate

July 31, 2016
Happy August 1st! 

While we're all desperately holding onto what's left of our summer and smiling through the pain (like I am in that picture), enjoy this mini photoshoot of Kate and I! We had so much fun choosing and styling these outfits for you guys- we were really channeling our inner Carrie Bradshaw!

On me:
Top: Bebe $40
Pants: American Eagle $15
Shoes: Thrift store $8
Bag: Vera Bradley $100+
Choker: Majesty Island $17.99

On Kate: 
Top: Forever 21 $8.90
Shorts: Forever 21 $15
Shoes: Aldo $60
Bag: Guess $50+
Choker: Majesty Island $14.99 (coming out soon!!)

On me:
Top: Forever 21 $9.90
Skirt: Windsor $15
Choker: Majesty Island $17.99

On Kate:
Bodysuit: Forever 21 $9.90
Pants: Windsor $36
Choker: Majesty Island $14.99

And there you have it... four adorable summer outfit options. Hope you guys have been enjoying this relaxing summer time in style! 

Make sure you check out Majesty Island on Etsy! Their chokers are all amazing- follow them on Instagram @MajestyIsland !

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