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Hot Heels Strike Again

August 15, 2016
We're baaack!

I know you've missed Hot Heels posts, and honestly so have I. This series is still my favorite one yet on my blog- I just can't get enough of it.

This month is a little bit of a repeat, because I've already featured the white fuzzy pair that Kate is wearing in my first ever Hot Heels blog post. I just couldn't help myself! Both pairs just looked so cute and similar that I had to do a repeat!

For my 20th birthday, my Big got me the amazing pair of pink heels and I am OBSESSED with them. If I were to be turned into a shoe, it would be them...

The white pair on Kate can be found at for $44.90, and the pink pair on me can be found at for $32.32! Both pairs are offered at a great price, if you ask me.

Best friends who twin heels together, stay together!

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