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Meeting Victoria Justice

August 19, 2016
Yesterday I had the privileged of going to yet another successful Primark meet and greet- this time it was to meet Victoria Justice!

 Ugh, don't we look so cute!

This meet and greet was all the way at the Willow Grove Park Mall in Pennsylvania. Not the furthest, but not exactly the closest either. Nonetheless, meeting celebrities is what Kate and I do, so we were excited to fill the car with gas and go.

Victoria Justice has been in a number of things that I've loved for years now; it started with her role as Lola on Zoey 101, moved to Tori Vega on Victorious, and now she is going to star as Janet Weiss this October in Rocky Horror, which is my all time favorite movie. As you can probably gather, I was super excited to meet her.

Here's shots of her as I was waiting on line for my turn.

This was definitely the best meet and greet experience I've ever had- it even topped meeting Ariana Grande, and we all know how much I love that girl. Victoria was the nicest and most genuine celebrity I've ever met, not to mention the prettiest girl I ever laid eyes on. Can you say girl crush?...

Meet Victoria Justice: check! 

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