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Hot Heels- SJP edition

October 16, 2016

So this Hot Heels post is special, because it features heels from Sarah Jessica Parker's collection, SJP. When I went to meet her this past weekend, you had to purchase a pair of heels in order to do so. God bless my mother for buying them, because they were $385. Expensive, I know, but you get what you pay for.

They were so incredibly beautiful, and sparkled when I walked. Iconic. 

Both pairs that I tried on were pretty comfortable to wear, not too high of a heel or too tight on the toes. After trying them on, I understood why people would pay almost $400 for them, not to mention the whole collection is absolutely beautiful.

I felt like a mini Carrie in these heels, and I loved every second of it. If you guys have an extra $400 laying around (lol), I highly recommend checking out SJP's line.

Bloomingdale's. Neiman Marcus. Zappos.

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