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Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas!

December 23, 2016
Admit it- you're a procrastinator. You save everything for the last minute, like working under pressure, and enjoy having a deadline. That's all well and good, but today is Christmas Eve Eve! If you still need some last minute gift ideas, I got you.

Gift idea #1: Kiss and Makeup

Any Kylie Lipkit is a good idea as a gift, if you're shopping for a makeup junkie like myself. It comes out to around $36, so it's just enough for people to not always want to buy it for themselves, which is where you come in!
Smashbox contour sticks are a great purchase, since everyone wants to contour, but never knows how- these sticks make it so much easier to learn. They tell you where to place each color, and are clearly labeled with what they do.
The last beauty piece I have is my new Marc Jacobs Highliner and it is AMAZING. I tried this bad boy on in Sephora and it didn't rub off of me until the next day when I scrubbed it with a makeup wipe. Sooo good.

Pictured above is Moon and Mary Jo K. Marc Jacobs Highliner in Sunset.

Gift idea #2: Portable Charger Keychain

 This adorable portable charger is sold at Marshalls and it is amazing. The puff ball keychain is so popular right now, so that makes this charger even better. This is perfect for a Secret Santa gift, too.

Gift idea #3: Sweater Weather

Everyone needs good sweaters for the winter, but never know where to look. Grab someone a comfy sweater from Hollister, American Eagle, Forever21, or Windsor; there's so many other places you can look, but these are my favorites.
Pictured above is my off-the-shoulder sweater from Hollister.

Gift idea #4: Bali Body Tanning Oil Set + BB Cream

This tanning oil pack is becoming more and more popular lately, taking over Facebook and Instagram. You can purchase this for someone to save until the summer, or to use all year round. Check out my review on these tanning oils on a post earlier on my blog!

I hope these gifts give you some ideas on what you can buy someone for Christmas, even if you are starting a little late- it's never too late to give someone a bomb gift! Happy shopping and happy holidays. :)

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