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Veeda Product Review

December 20, 2016
Veeda USA

Two weeks ago I found out about this amazing new company from my best friend Kate. It's called Veeda, and they are a feminine care product company that thrives on the creation of products that are 100% safe for your body. Often times we as women don't know the kinds of chemicals we are putting in our bodies, through tampon and pad use. Such personal products should be safe for your body, shouldn't they? Well it's Veeda's mission to make sure you get there.

They make pads, liners, and tampons that are made of pure, natural, and non- GMO cotton. They have no chemicals, synthetics, or harmful additives. They are also free of pesticides and dioxins- do these things sound like something you would want near your private area? I didn't think so... it's time to switch to a better company, one that cares about your health.

Veeda sent me two different types of pads, and one type of tampon. The pads are super absorbent, and the tampons have an easy applicator. To be honest, they are no different from any other feminine care product. So with that being said, why wouldn't you choose the product that is better for you? It's no different from Tampax or Kotex, except for the fact that it's healthier for you and your body.

They've won me over, as well as informed me of the different kinds of risks different products raise. Join me in switching over! Visit to shop all of their feminine care products, I promise you won't regret it.

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