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Winter Wonderland

December 30, 2017

When I'm home on break from school, I try and focus on doing my favorite things. Going to Turkey Swamp, winter photoshoots, going ice skating, visiting the horse farm where I used to ride, eating (lol)... but really,I just want to do things that make me smile. Simple as that.

Take a look at what I've been up to!

Jacket: Forever21
Shirt: Freepeople
Jeans: Garage
Sneakers: Vans

Jacket: Adidas
Shirt: Freepeople
Jeans: Garage
Sneakers: Vans

Lipstick: BH Cosmetics
Rings: Pandora

Victory Stables, Colts Neck

Thanks for checking in with me!
Next stop: New Years! Updates to come :)

Gettin' Spooky in Salem

For Halloween this year, Brian and I took a weekend trip to my all time favorite place: Salem, Massachusetts.

This was my second trip to Salem within the year, so I think it's safe to say the witchy- city has my heart.

Although this trip wasn't all about the fashion, it was definitely about the fun. Brian and I went to town during the day, and it looked exactly how you think Salem would on Halloween. It was absolutely packed. People everywhere.
There were street fairs, families dressed up and walking around, people getting custom fitted vampire fangs, the whole nine yards.

We woke up early on Saturday morning, and prepared for our adventures. We visited the Hocus Pocus house, Allyson's house, and shopped at the fair.

 Outside the famous Salem Witch House.

Lunch in a Café.

Take One Leave One library behind Allyson's house.

 A Salem side street.

After I got my fill of Salem souvenirs and sight seeing, Brian and I returned to our hotel to get ready for a Halloween Bash in Boston.

We dressed up as a sugar skull couple, and were entered in a costume contest. People even asked to take photos with us! We played skee ball in the bar, and danced the night away. It was a Halloween celebration I'll never forget.

Stay spooky, my friends.

Sekkisei Beauty Review

November 4, 2017

Over the weekend, I tried this skincare line called Sekkisei, whose products are made from natural oriental herbs that have been used in Asia for thousands of years.

Before I get into the product specifics, I think it's important to explain the companies' objective: "To promote the purification and clarification of skin by removing surface impurities and dullness to refine skin tone, leaving skin healthy, clean, and smooth."
Sounds pretty amazing to me...

I really liked these products because of aspects of the skin they specifically target: softening and brightening your complexion.

Left to right: Whitening Mask, Moisturizer, Toner, Sheet Mask

So, allow me to explain. You take the sheet mask, which is packed up tight into that circle shape, and pour toner onto it. It absorbs the toner, then expands. When you feel like it is wet enough, carefully open the mask and viola! It is the perfect fit for your face.

When I did it, I took a wash cloth and wet it with hot water, then put that on top of the sheet mask on my face. This opened up my pores more, and left me feeling even more rejuvinated. I left it on for about 10 minutes and just relaxed while I waited. 
(If you were wondering, it smells great.)

After, rinse your face off with warm water, then follow up with the moisturizer. 

As for the mask, I used that on its own this morning to wake up my skin, and I loved it! These products are easy on my face, which is awesome because my skin is so sensitive. So if you're like me, add these products to your wishlist.

Check out Sekkisei's website here, and try some products out for yourself!
Don't forget to follow their social media-
Instagram: @sekkisei_official

Falling Into Fall

September 4, 2017
Fall is right around the corner, and you know what that means... HALLOWEEN!

OK, sorry. I'll slow down a bit. BUT! It does mean fall fashion is back and in full effect.

Here's some pieces to inspire your next shopping spree. :)

Hat: Forever21
Shirt: Forever21
Overalls: Urban Outfitters
Purse: Julia Kays
Boots: Express

Hat: Forever21
Shirt: PacSun
Jacket: Marshalls
Jeans: Kendall and Kylie
Boots: Burlington

Tag me in some of your own fall fashion inspiration on Instagram!

Azeredo Lashes

September 2, 2017
Hi guys!

So I recently received my pair of Azeredo Cosmetics lashes, and I tried them on for the first time yesterday and fell in love!

Lashes: "Goddess"

There's a lot to these lashes, so I would purchase them for a night out, or any special occasion. They will definitely add some drama to any going out makeup look!

You can shop all of the different lashes here and use code "AmandaS10" for 10% off your order.

If you order, post a picture on Instagram and tag us both!


A Guide to Multivitamins

August 29, 2017
OK, I know I'm not the only one who sees these crazy videos on Instagram, with the girls whose hair is down to her mid-thigh, claiming they took these vitamins (that no one has ever heard of) to get those results. Like... I'm sorry, does anyone actually believe that? Cause I don't.

The media likes to play off of what is most desired at the moment, right now being long, mermaid looking hair and clear skin. I won't lie, I tried growing my hair out for MONTHS until I finally found something that worked for me (which I talk about here), so today I'll try and make it a little easier for you if you are looking to do the same, or maybe you are just looking for something to boost your health.

A lot of times, it all starts with a simple multivitamin to begin. But how do you find the one that works best, and is the best, for you? is a website meant for just that: reviews. The review post I specifically liked was titled "The Best Multivitamin: Everything you need, nothing you don't." It talks about the steps they took in order to find the best vitamin for women, men, and children. They started by testing out 289 multivitamins- I mean, dedication. Props to you guys.

They then narrowed down which vitamins were filled with the best ingredients, making sure they eliminated everything with harmful substances. After that, they ditched everything that wasn't a credible brand. They go on in their process of elimination, which was very thorough, making me believe their top picks were quite legit.

You can check this article out here and decide for yourself!
It's super helpful and filled with a lot of great info.

Thanks for doing the dirty work for us! Now we know which vitamins to look for, and which to stay away from.

Princeton Soup and Sandwich Company

August 1, 2017

Princeton Soup and Sandwich Company was super relaxed. It's small, but the flavor is huge. I got the turkey cran salad (pictured top), and Kate got the cobb salad (pictured bottom). I am always on the lookout for a good salad, since it is pretty much the only thing I order when I go out to eat, and this is definitely at the top of my favorites.

Honestly, I'm still thinking about it. It was that good.

Next time you're in Princeton and need a quick bite, I definitely reccommend this place.

Princeton Soup and Sandwich Company
30 Palmer Square E, Princeton, NJ 08542

Summer Outfits

Welcome back to Amanda Backstage.
How is everyone's summer going?

 Top: Burlington
Corset: Dor L'Dor
Pants: Hollister
Heels: Burlington
Purse: Nordstrom


Top: American Eagle
Pants: American Eagle
Heels: Burlington

Thanks for checking in, guys! Hope the rest of your week is as fabulous as these color block jeans!

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