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Surpass The Limit Apparel: New Brand Alert

January 18, 2017
Surpass The Limit Apparel is a brand started by three college students hoping to make a difference in the way people express themselves, specifically through clothing. They are an active, street-wear brand, hoping to help you surpass any limit you may face. Needless to say, I love everything they stand for. With that being said, I wanted to introduce you to these guys!

I paired this cute baseball tee styled shirt with a corset that I got from Dor L'dor. I love the edge this look gives- not too much, just enough.

This tank is one of my favorites because it's simple- perfect to wear to the gym or to lounge around in. The great thing about these pieces is they go well with any other active wear brand, which is why I paired mine with my Adidas jacket.

Visit their Instagram to see other styles, and to shop their looks!

My Favorite Windsor Pieces

January 9, 2017
Recently Kate and I have teamed up with Windsor for a collab, and these are some of my favorite pieces right now! All can be found at, just click the hyperlink under each photo.

2017: The Year Of Adventure

January 1, 2017
Hello, 2017! Nice to meet you.

A word of advice: don't start this year with crazy resolutions, insane ideas of change, and unrealistic expectations. Start this year with some new dreams, a plan on how to reach them, the encouragement of adventure, and the promise of being happy. Each year we think we have to make these life-changing resolutions when in reality, all we have to do is change our mindsets (if necessary), and keep going forward. Maybe you were doing good in 2016- that doesn't mean you need to stress yourself in being a million times better than that this new year... just keep going.

My hopes for 2017 are to grow, mentally and spiritually. I hope to become better than the me I was last year, and to make a difference. To experience life. To laugh with every part of me. To start writing in a journal again. To travel. To live.

Today is day 1 out of 365 days. Maybe this year, your resolution could be to make every single day count, through big and small things. 

As the confetti fell and the bells rung and everyone screamed, I hope some part of you, for at least a second, thought I'm here, right now, at the exact moment a new year started. I took a breath, and let it out. It's a new beginning. Make it count.

Cheers to a new year, and cheers to a new beginning!
Happy New Year.

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