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My Favorite Tie-Up Top

February 19, 2017

Tie-up shirts are a must this upcoming Spring.
I snagged this beauty for $12 at Birlington (my current store obsession... I may or may not have a problem).
I love this top because you can tie the bow in the back as loose or as tight as you want, changing the shape of the shirt around.

Shirt: Burlington $12
Jeans: Hollister $24
Heels: Nine West

DIY Boxed Roses

February 14, 2017
Boxed roses are the latest trend, and have taken over Instagram. Although they are so beautiful, they can be very expensive. For Valentine's Day, I decided to do a *cheap* DIY boxed roses craft, and it's super easy to do. Follow these steps, and you'll have a Valentine in no time.

Step one: Buy a box of your choice.

I bought one small black box and one medium white box from Michaels. They were $3.99 and $4.99, with 50% off in store, as well as a 20% off coupon. We all know I love a good discount, so I was so happy about this.

Step two: Buy fake flowers of your choice.

I got small red roses for the black box for $1 each, and medium sized peach roses for the white box for $4 each from Michaels, as well.

Step three: Buy a foam board/ piece.

I had some foam laying around my house, so I didn't have to buy any. I cut the foam to the size of the bottom of both boxes, and then placed it inside each. 

Step four: Stick the flowers into the foam board.

I then arranged the flowers in the order that I wanted, and stuck them in one by one, adjusting them as I went. It made it easier to cut off the plastic stem at the bottom, to expose the wire. (This makes it easier to stick them into the foam board.)

Step five: Finish up, then repeat on second box.

This is what your final outcome should look like!

I will be honest, this wasn't the fastest craft to make. It requires some patience, but all in all it really didn't take too long. I would definitely reccommend if you've been dying for one of these boxed roses off Instagram like me- now I have my own that will last forever!

Happy Valentine's Day! Xoxo

Happy Heart Day

February 12, 2017
Ahh Valentine's Day... one of my favorite holidays. 

People really like to hate on good ol' V-Day. Some say it's useless and unecessary and that "every day should be Valentine's Day." Yes, I agree, every day should be filled with love and appreciation for others, but Valentine's Day is more than just a representation of all that jazz.
It's a dedicated day for people to go the extra step and show someone how special they are. It's a separate date meant to be filled with love, laughs, and all things that make your heart skip a beat. It's a designated time to make someone you love feel, well, loved. You picking up what I'm putting down?
Being single on Valentine's Day should not make you bitter. This holiday is just as much for family and friends than it is for boyfriends or girlfriends. So enough complaining!
Spread the looove.

Enjoy these photos of me licking a lollipop. It was real good (and Sweetarts flavor, in case you were wondering.)

Velvet jumpsuit: PacSun $30
Lipstick: Kylie Lipkit- Mary Jo $36

Top: Windsor $32.55
Jeans: American Eagle $15
Boa: Online

Red jumpsuit: H&M $20

This shoot was so much fun! Photo creds to my amazing gal Gianna. Love you beeb.
Have a great Valentine's Day, ladies. Eat some chocolate, watch a chick flick, have some wine, buy a few roses, grab dinner with a friend, any of these things (or all of the above) will do. 

Love you all! X's and O's. 

Galentine's Day Hot Heels

February 11, 2017
Hot Heels are back again! Valentine's Day edition <3

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day to all my baby Galentines! Thanks for visiting my blog.
For this Hot Heels, I decided to pair some fun and holiday appropriate socks with two of my best V- Day heels.

Take a look!

Pink heels: Burlington- Steve Madden $32.55
Pink socks: Aeropostale $6
Red heels: Payless $29
Black socks: Aeropostale $6

I'm obsessed! Adding socks to these heels added the perfect touch to my Valentine's Day inspired outfits. So try it out, my Galentines!
Remember: You don't need a significant other to make this holiday significant for you. Grab your family or friends and let them know how much you love them. We need to get rid of this negativity some people tie to this day- it's unnecessary. 

P.S. It's also a perfect excuse to eat chocolate, get a new teddy bear, and buy yourself somethin nice. I see no negatives here. 


Fun With Faux Fur!

February 9, 2017
Statement pieces are a must. Whether it be a color, a print, a fabric, a length, anything! Statement pieces are an expression of fun, as well as an expression of who you are.
I don't know about you, but when I'm feeling like my outfits have been lacking some fashionable and funky elements, I gotta throw something cool in there. The best part? I'm not afraid! Where some people like to blend in with the crowd, I like to stand out- hence my jacket and shoe choice for this blog post.

Introducing faux fur this winter, a look that speaks for itself:

Fur Coat: Forever21
Jeans: Hollister
Shirt: Forever21
Shoes: Burlington

Fur Coat: Bebe
Leggings: Nordstrom
Shirt: H&M
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Rock on with faux fur like me and Gi! Channel your inner animal :P

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: you're dressing for yourself. Why not do it big?

How To Style Track Pants

February 5, 2017
If anyone knows me, you know I love a good pair of track pants, whether it be Adidas or Puma. I wear track pants at least twice a week, but I was tired of the traditional sporty look to them when paired with sneakers. Here's my way to style Puma track pants in a flirtier way!

This is Gianna's first appearance on the blog! Welcome Gigi :P

This is such an easy look to achieve- it looks super laid-back and relaxed, but still has a different component to it. Pair any of your favorite heels to a pair of track pants and viola! You've got a flirty, edgy look.

Puma Track Pants: Burlington $24.99
White Long Sleeve: Anywhere
Heels: Nine West

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