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Gettin' Witchy With It

March 14, 2017
Over Spring Break, my sister, my two good friends and myself decided to take a trip to Salem, Massachusetts. We've always been into the spirit and supernatural world, so this trip was the perfect one for the four of us. If you were thinking about taking a trip to Salem, these are the places I would recommend to you-

Stop #1: The Witch House

The Witch House is a super scary, all black, (what seems like ancient) building on Essex Street in Salem. It had so much history inside, giving off such a weird vibe the whole time you are there.

 Stop #2: Hex: Old World Witchery

This store (also on Essex Street) had so many book selections about things from spells to incantations, and had so many different candles and potions meant for different things. Gianna and Arianna got readings done, and they absolutely loved it. They said the psychic was spot on, and they really loved the experience. I can't wait to go back!

Stop #3: The Howling Wolf Taqueria

This restaurant is rated very high on places to eat in Salem, and the food definitely lived up to its' rating. I got the Taco Salad and it was so simple, yet so good. If you're a fan of Mexican food, grab a bite here.

Stop #4: The Hocus Pocus Houses

Seeing Max and Dani's house, as well Allison's Mansion really fed my inner child-fan girl. Hocus Pocus is such a classic, and I have been a fan ever since I saw it as a kid. Max and Dani's house was so cool to see in real life, and Allison's had a garden in the back with a Take-One-Leave-One library. So interesting to see.

The great thing about Salem is there is a red line painted on the ground that you can follow from one end of the town to the other. This line is meant to be an all stop tour, bringing you to all of the town's finest sights and since I have zero sense of direction, this was super helpful. I hope these pictures show you how truly cool Salem is, and you visit one day!

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