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A Guide to Multivitamins

August 29, 2017
OK, I know I'm not the only one who sees these crazy videos on Instagram, with the girls whose hair is down to her mid-thigh, claiming they took these vitamins (that no one has ever heard of) to get those results. Like... I'm sorry, does anyone actually believe that? Cause I don't.

The media likes to play off of what is most desired at the moment, right now being long, mermaid looking hair and clear skin. I won't lie, I tried growing my hair out for MONTHS until I finally found something that worked for me (which I talk about here), so today I'll try and make it a little easier for you if you are looking to do the same, or maybe you are just looking for something to boost your health.

A lot of times, it all starts with a simple multivitamin to begin. But how do you find the one that works best, and is the best, for you? is a website meant for just that: reviews. The review post I specifically liked was titled "The Best Multivitamin: Everything you need, nothing you don't." It talks about the steps they took in order to find the best vitamin for women, men, and children. They started by testing out 289 multivitamins- I mean, dedication. Props to you guys.

They then narrowed down which vitamins were filled with the best ingredients, making sure they eliminated everything with harmful substances. After that, they ditched everything that wasn't a credible brand. They go on in their process of elimination, which was very thorough, making me believe their top picks were quite legit.

You can check this article out here and decide for yourself!
It's super helpful and filled with a lot of great info.

Thanks for doing the dirty work for us! Now we know which vitamins to look for, and which to stay away from.

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