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Sekkisei Beauty Review

November 4, 2017

Over the weekend, I tried this skincare line called Sekkisei, whose products are made from natural oriental herbs that have been used in Asia for thousands of years.

Before I get into the product specifics, I think it's important to explain the companies' objective: "To promote the purification and clarification of skin by removing surface impurities and dullness to refine skin tone, leaving skin healthy, clean, and smooth."
Sounds pretty amazing to me...

I really liked these products because of aspects of the skin they specifically target: softening and brightening your complexion.

Left to right: Whitening Mask, Moisturizer, Toner, Sheet Mask

So, allow me to explain. You take the sheet mask, which is packed up tight into that circle shape, and pour toner onto it. It absorbs the toner, then expands. When you feel like it is wet enough, carefully open the mask and viola! It is the perfect fit for your face.

When I did it, I took a wash cloth and wet it with hot water, then put that on top of the sheet mask on my face. This opened up my pores more, and left me feeling even more rejuvinated. I left it on for about 10 minutes and just relaxed while I waited. 
(If you were wondering, it smells great.)

After, rinse your face off with warm water, then follow up with the moisturizer. 

As for the mask, I used that on its own this morning to wake up my skin, and I loved it! These products are easy on my face, which is awesome because my skin is so sensitive. So if you're like me, add these products to your wishlist.

Check out Sekkisei's website here, and try some products out for yourself!
Don't forget to follow their social media-
Instagram: @sekkisei_official

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