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DIY: Valentine Cookies

February 14, 2018

Hello again :)

For this Valentine's Day I wanted to make a special V-Day treat. One that looks complicated to make, but is really so simple.

Here's how I made my new favorite Valentine's Day cookies!


Two packs of sugar cookie dough (or dough of your choosing)

Powdered sugar
Food coloring (optional)

Baking sheet
Wooden stick
Edible cookie decorations (found here)
Cookie cutters

To make the heart shaped cookies, I baked sugar cookies in a cake pan, let them cool, then used cookie cutters to make heart shapes before they hardened. 

I then made the icing and iced the edges.

To ice the cookies, I made a border icing and flood icing. Basically what this means is the border icing is thicker than the middle icing. I took 1 cup of powdered sugar and added three and a half tablespoons of water. I mixed it up, put it in a zip lock baggie, and cut the corner to make an icing bag. I repeated these steps for the middle icing, only I added more water to make it more liquid than the border icing. You can eye it out to see how much extra water you will need to add.

Step 1: Border ice the cookie

Step 2: Spoon middle icing onto cookie

Step 3: Use wooden stick (or anything else that would work) to move icing to cover the whole face of the cookie

Step 4: Scrape any excess icing off of the sides

Step 5: Place edible cookie decoration on top of wet icing

Step 6: Scrape any excess icing off sides, and viola!

Valentine's Day cookies suitable for any love of yours!

I hope you enjoyed this guys! There's still time to make these today if you need a last minute festive treat :)


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