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Fall + Friendsgiving Vibes

September 28, 2018
I just wanted to write a quick post from my desk at work, because I just love my readers oh so much!

So, is everyone as excited for October as I am? I love Fall so much ahhhhhh!

I am so excited for my Fall styled shoot, blogging some outfits, Friendsgiving, working on an engagement shoot (my first, woo!), visiting Brian in Georgia, and taking lots and lots of Fall inspired pics. :) Ugh, just thinking about it makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.

Here's my inspo for my Fall events coming up. I'm really into the orange and deep tones, and as always lots and lots of greenery. Hope you enjoy!

I love how the orange and blue compliments each other, and the sprig of rosemary on those place settings- it's going to work perfectly for Friendsgiving. Absolutely beautiful!

Be on the lookout for those event photos as it gets closer to November, and have a happy Friday!

My First Interior Decorating Project

September 26, 2018
This project is one that I am sooooo proud of. We took this apartment and completely remolded it, painted walls and all.

My good friend Julie reached out and asked me if I would be interested in becoming her interior designer and although I have never officially done that before, I really enjoy decorating rooms and being able to transform a space. So I said sure, why not!

Julie really wanted to tackle her living room, kitchen, and bedroom. We took each room at a time, ensuring that we hit everything we wanted to change. We started with the walls in both the living room and the kitchen. I really wanted to make sure that whatever color we picked, it opened up the room and made it brighter. We went with a light gray for the living room, and a white with a light yellow accent wall for the kitchen. We also decided to leave her bedroom walls gray, since it was a very neutral color. As for the floors, we ripped up the old carpet in the living room and hallway and installed scratch-proof wood flooring. Carpet was left in the bedroom to leave it with a more comfy feel.

Here are some before and after pictures (with lovely guest appearances by Basil the cat and Bane the dog!)
Decor details will be linked below if available, but if not I will put the store where I bought them!

The Kitchen



Shelves- Hobby Lobby 
Wooden Dresser- Hobby Lobby
Chalkboard Sign- HomeGoods
Wire Basket- Hobby Lobby
Wooden Coasters- HomeGoods
Farm Fresh Container and Mug- Hobby Lobby
Blue Mug- HomeGoods
Candle- Hobby Lobby
White Candle Stump- White Barn

The Bedroom



Let's Stay in Bed Wire Sign- @houseofowls on instagram
Wooden Shelf- Vintage
Candle Holder- Hobby Lobby
String Lights- Hobby Lobby 
Wire Candle Holder- Hobby Lobby 
Wooden Shelf- Christmas Tree Shop
Painting- Hobby Lobby
Window Seat (not pictured)- Christmas Tree Shop

The Living Room



Bar Cart- Christmas Tree Shop
Bar Sign- Amazon 
Flower Truck Painting- Hobby Lobby
Green Garland- Hobby Lobby
Wine Glasses- HomeGoods
Wooden Shelves- Hobby Lobby
Lockbox- Hobby Lobby
Candle- Hobby Lobby

The fireplace is my favorite part of the remodel. We painted the fireplace white, and that alone completely transformed this space. It made it bright, modern, and sleek. I just love how the mantel looks now with the contrast of colors against the white. It looks absolutely beautiful.



Candle holders- White Barn
Candle- Marshalls
Tall candle- Hobby Lobby 
Green garland- Hobby Lobby
Welcome sign- Hobby Lobby

Well that was a tad long but you can really see how great this space turned out! With that being said, reach out to me if you have a redecorating project you need a hand with! I'd be happy to help.

8.18.18 Anne and Joe's Wedding

Happy Hump Day!

How is everyone doing on this rainy day?! 
As some of you may know, I have recently embarked on my event planning career. In my last post, I mentioned that I had the opportunity to plan my first wedding in August and believe it or not, I have been pretty busy ever since then! But, I have finally gotten around to updating my blog on some event photos, so take a look.

This wedding was a challenge to do, because I had a very strict budget to follow. This was beneficial though because it taught me where to cut costs, and how to balance the important things to the event. So aside from gaining some experience, this taught me something very important!

For this wedding, we went with light pinks and blues. This bride really wanted to incorporate a combination of light shades of the two, and I think it was very romantic. Especially with the addition of the blue candle votives and mini lanterns- very pretty and fun.

The favor was a very colorful candy table that I put together. The welcome sign I made myself, which I was really proud of! I don't have the best handwriting, but I think it came out pretty nice if I do say so myself. Fairly simple, but still a beautiful night!

If you had an event coming up that you needed an event planner for, reach out!
You can reach me on my instagram @scarpacidesigns, or by email!

I hope you enjoyed! Stay dry today :)

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