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Living In My 4WBW Set

April 21, 2019
I had the pleasure of being sent a set from 4WBW this past week to try out, and I have never worn something more comfortable. Like... ever.

I'm short and stubby, and come from an Italian family. We eat carbs like we drink water. Needless to say, I'm short as hell and not the leanest and meanest in the game.

With that being said, it's hard for me to find top and bottom sets that make me feel comfortable. Things are either too tight and I feel suffocated, or they're too lose and I look sloppy. But I didn't feel this way when I tried on my 4WBW set.

The waist band hit my stomach at a very flattering spot, and the bra was so comfortable. Both pieces were seamless, and can be worn with any article of clothing. I never wanted to take them off!

When I was checking out their website, I read this excerpt from their about me page and had to reread it a second time...

"Years in the lingerie industry and a lifetime of experiencing the tired male gaze-driven depiction of what’s 'sexy', led our Founder Patricia Whitter to create pieces that establish a new POV of lingerie. Guided by her desire for equality, and finding her inner strength, she strived to create confidence for all women... she’s creating an environment where women can celebrate their roots and what makes them strong. In short, she set out to empower women of all shapes, styles and income with high quality, affordable lingerie. She wants every body to genuinely love and feel comfortable underneath it all."

I was really struck by this mission statement: forget what you've been force-fed over the years by media, ladies. Everyone's "sexy" looks different, and that's OK! And bravo to this brand for embracing, taking, and turning that into something for every woman to feel confident in.

Thank you 4WBW for collaborating with me. Your products are something I am going to be using now, and for a long time to come.

Check them out here!

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