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My Collaboration With TripScout

April 15, 2019
Hey guys!

So I recently took a trip to Savannah, GA with Brian and I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful it is. I have to say, Savannah is a MUST if you're going to be in the area. The sites, the food, the drinks! Everything about it was absolutely amazing.

While I was planning my trip, I really wanted to create an itinerary that we would be able to follow easily, and kept us organized throughout our trip. TripScout is the perfect app to use when planning a trip! (& no, this is not a sponsored post! I just genuinely love this app.)

Here are some amazing photos from our trip, as well as the screenshots of our itinerary!

(The statue behind Forrest Gump in the famous bench scene. How cool!!!)

I hope you guys enjoyed these photos! Some of our favorite places were Leopold's Ice Cream, Savannah Bee Company, and my top favorite POUNCE! I walked into the cat cafe and balled my eyes out. Seriously, just ask my mom. We were on Facetime for all of it.

Anyway, I hope all of you get to visit Savannah some day, and get a chance to use TripScout for any of your upcoming trips. I already want to plan a trip to go back, and I know TripScout will keep me organized. Happy planning!

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