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Scarpaci Designs is Doing Cakes

July 3, 2019
As many of you know, I am an event planner in addition to this crazy fashion blogging life, and I have recently started making more and more cakes for my events. 
1) Because it saves them money in their budget, especially if they weren't set on getting a cake from a specific place and 2) because I really like baking!!!

So I thought it would be fun to maybe start actually making cakes for some small events for anyone who might be interested in ordering them with me! I promise they actually taste good, but I will say I am no professional. My cakes are good for birthdays, brunches, an addition to a dessert table, things like that. Not so much as a main dessert. They're not that big, usually just three or four tiers max. Of course we can always do multiple cakes, but that's upon your request!

SO! Take a look at some of the cakes I've made below! Some were for birthday celebrations at home so they're a little less fancy, and some were for actual events I've done this past year! Hope you enjoy...

Vanilla cake with vanilla icing and daisy's to garnish.

Lemon cake with vanilla icing and blueberries to garnish.

Vanilla cake with vanilla icing with flowers to garnish.

Red velvet cake, vanilla icing, and chocolate sprinkles and cherries to garnish.
Cherry chip cake, vanilla icing (with red food coloring) and cherries to garnish.

Vanilla and chocolate marble cake with vanilla icing (food coloring) and Sweet By Dani B Cookies to garnish.

Right: Vanilla cake with vanilla icing and sprinkles and a strawberry to garnish.
Left: Chocolate cake with chocolate icing with Oreos, cream, and a strawberry to garnish.

I hope you guys like my cakes! I have definitely gotten better over the last year, haha!

If you'd like to order a cake from me for any event you may have, send an email to me at with some info about your event (date, guest count, occasion, theme, etc) and I will get back to you with availability and pricing!

Thanks for tuning in <3 

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